Nuevas funciones de Ticketing


As of today, we’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter with the latest updates on our events platform. This first edition focuses on the development of new ticketing features.

1. One buyer, multiple tickets and invoicing

We’ve developed a ticketing solution that allows the purchase of several tickets at the same time through a single buyer and the ability to enter their details to generate an automatic invoice.

  • Multiple purchases;
  • Automatic invoicing.
2. Codes that reveal tickets

Do you have a guest list and want to offer them an exclusive experience on the first stages of your event? You’ll have the ability to create codes that can be used to reveal special tickets at the time of registration or purchase.

  • Exclusive event registration/purchase experience;
  • Bigger discounts with hidden tickets for special guests.

Learn how to create codes that reveal tickets in the beamian event management plataform.

3. Group Tickets

Group tickets serve to increase the likelihood of sales, for example by offering discounts when tickets are bought in larger quantities. Not only does it serve this purpose, but also in the case of group bookings, such as group tables for meals.

  • Increased ticket sales;
  • Table reservations for meals.

Learn how to create group tickets in the beamian event management platform.

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